Activate Body & Mind through research-based practices for overall wellbeing.

From mindfulness practices to cardio activities, the Bond program is designed to engage a variety of areas of a kid’s mind and body. We understand the challenge of holding a kid’s attention, so we’ve developed activities that are effective and of course fun!

Daily Engagement

Videos are intended to be played daily. By consistent engagement kids are able to develop habits that contribute to physical and mental health.

Cumulative Growth

By engaging daily with our cumulative curriculum, students get an immediate dose of happy signals (dopamine, serotonin and endorphins), they improve focus and memory and decrease stress hormones. Even better, is the long term mental wellness skills that will support them throughout life.

New Curriculum

Each month your students will have new dance routines, new exercise routines and new mental health skills to learn. By having new content each month, students stay engaged, eager to see what is coming next.

Our Activities

Artwork 149-min


Increase cognitive function while releasing endorphins that make you feel happy.

Artwork 148-min


Foster creativity, self-expression, and a positive growth mindset all while grooving to the music.

Artwork 68-min


Discover evidence-based mental health skills proven to decrease stress and support wellness.