Get full access to expert-led videos on exercise, dance, and mental health skill-building.

Our subscription-based program includes unlimited access to the entire course library. Explore engaging activities from choreographed dances to mindfulness breathing exercises, and develop a toolbox for a healthier brain.

Home-Based Subscription

Bond together throughout the week to encourage healthy habits for children’s bodies and minds. Families have a variety of video options, lengths and content enabling them to choose what best fits their needs and schedule on any given day. We recommend families engage with the habit building videos daily.

Parents and guardians, want to
introduce your child to Bond?

School-Based Subscription

Bond for Schools is intended to be embedded into the daily classroom routine. The interactive videos are only 8-10 mins a day, made to fit easily into the schedule. Additionally they help to meet the DOE physical education requirements, even in schools where the infrastructure makes those requirements nearly impossible to meet. Bond is to be done in the classroom next to desks.

Educators, want to bring Bond to your school?

Gifting a Subscription

Give the gift of mind and body wellness and empower a child to build a healthier life! Giftcards for home-based subscriptions are available for purchase. Your gift will include full exclusive access to the entire course library, a parent portal, and the Kids Center.

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