Check out answers to our frequently asked questions.

How much space do we need to participate?

Bond is designed to be done in the classroom or at home. It requires minimal space.

What attire should be worn?

Whatever the children are wearing will work! At the Bond office we have tried all the videos in our work clothes. That being said, they may be more comfortable in fabrics that move and breathe well — but it’s not required!

How long are videos?

Full courses are between 8-15 minutes. Made to fit easily into the required curriculum while helping schools to meet their state’s physical education requirements.

Do we have to do the classes in order?

If the child is working in the course “Out of This World” which include all three activity types (exercise, dance, mindfulness) then the videos must be followed in order to complete the course. Our other courses do not have to be followed in order.

When is the subscription charged?

Your subscription is charged at the end of your free trial. Based on which subscription type you chose, you will either be billed monthly or annually. Of course, you can cancel at any time before the next billing cycle.

How and when can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel online or by calling (516) 551-4125 or emailing us at info@bondtogether.org. You can cancel at any time before your subscription renews.