Who is Bond? What are we?
Why does this matter?

Our whole child approach to mental health connects bodies and minds through research-based techniques and interactive experiences.


Bond is a small business with big goals. As mental illness and obesity have both continued to escalate, we came together to answer the question: How can we make a meaningful impact on as many kids’ health as possible? The answer we arrived at was: By creating a fun and engaging curriculum rooted in preventing rather than treating mental illness.


Bond is a subscription based online program intended to be embedded into the daily classroom routine. The interactive videos are only 8-10 mins a day, made to fit easily into the schedule. Additionally they help to meet the DOE physical education requirements, even in schools where the infrastructure makes those requirements nearly impossible to meet.


Bond is intended to be done at any point during the school day as a brain break. It is suggested to be implemented when kids are restless, losing focus, upset or overly energetic. It should be done every school day in order to get the best results.


Bond is completed in the classroom nexts to desks facing the projector, TV or computer; wherever the video is playing from. We encourage teachers to join their students in the process to build the classroom community and guide the students when/if necessary.


Every person on our team has personally experienced, or been close to someone who has suffered with mental illness. The growing rates of mental illness and deaths by suicide are startling. As a community, we must take action. We created our longitudinal curriculum to amplify mental health, happiness, and physical and emotional resilience. Our goal is to prevent rather than treat mental illness — a far more effective approach.


The classroom teacher will receive a username and password. Each day they will log onto bondtogether.org and access their daily video. The students will stand next to their desks and follow along with the video through the cardio, stretch, dance and mindfulness training sections.

How does Bond work? What methods do we use?

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