At Bond we are deeply
passionate about the
importance of mental hygiene.

Evidence has proven that just as brushing our teeth has prevented gum disease, mindfulness skills prevent mental illness.  It has similarly become evident that physical activity and creativity play a large role in health and happiness.

We created an online subscription for schools implementing all of these life skills into the classroom setting. In elementary schools across the nation, teachers will be inviting the students to stand together and follow along as they get their hearts pumping and increase their strength and coordination through cardio exercises. Then they stretch it out, helping them mitigate risk of injury and improve their joint health. Then they follow along and learn musical movement routines, learning not only coordination and focus with a strong core in growth mindset, they also learn that exercise can be fun and creative, urging them to find a physical activity they enjoy.

By starting in elementary school when students’ brains are more malleable, kids are able to learn healthy brain skills and a love of movement.

We are saddened by the sharp increase in mental illness in our society and refuse to be resigned to an increasing rate of drug addiction, mental illness and death by suicide.  We have partnered with top professionals to create a systematic approach rooted in the latest scientific findings to significantly increase prevention efforts in schools.

We began teaching kids dance in and after school, but as we developed it became clear that in order to have a bigger impact on student outcomes, we needed to be more consistent and integrated into their daily curriculum.

At Bond we ourselves have all struggled with or been very close to someone (or many people) who have suffered with mental illness. With all the advancements in neuroscience, understanding of the brain and mental illness, as well as effective prevention and treatment methods we realized that we have the power to help propel necessary change, and so, we created Bond.

Meet the Bond Team

Lukasz Lisowski

Chief Executive Officer

Lukasz is an internationally renowned professional dancer and dance educator. Believing in the power of a holistic approach to physical and dance education, Lukasz founded Bond to provide schools and parents the tools to teach children skills for mental and physical wellness.

Rachel Sabey

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel, a mental health advocate and professional dancer, recognized the lack of healthy skill-building resources in schools and knew she needed to address this gap in education.  With Bond, Rachel is leading courses with evidence-based prevention techniques in order to improve student mental health.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board members provide counsel for the Executive team.

Their wisdom has helped bring the Bond program to life.

How does Bond work? Whet metods do we use?

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